Adding a vehicle offer

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Add an available vehicle from your fleet to the Vehicle exchange and increase your chances of finding a load quickly. Freight forwarders and shippers will contact you if your vehicle offer matches their demand.

Adding an available vehicle step by step:

  1. The first way to add an offer to the exchange: go to the Vehicle exchange module, then select "Add vehicle offer"

  1. The second way to add an offer to the exchange: go to the "My vehicle offers" module, then select the "Add vehicle offer" option

  1. complete the vehicle parameters
  1. add an area of accessibility by entering the location manually or by marking it directly on the map

  1. select the chosen area and save the settings
  1. specify the dates of vehicle availability, then "Add vehicle offer" to the exchange
  1. the added offer will appear in the "My offers" tab

The vehicle offers added by you are published directly on the Vehicle exchange, which you will find above the "My vehicle offers" module on the left side.

On the Platform, in the "My vehicle offers" module, not only can you see the offers published on the exchange at a given time ("My offers" tab), but also the detailed history of the vehicles added by your company (the "Archive" tab).

Adding a vehicle offer for several unloading places

On the Platform you already have the possibility of adding vehicle offers for multiple unloading places. Two new options have appeared in the vehicle adding form. As a result, you no longer have to copy offers when adding them for multiple directions.

  1. By using the map, you can mark the unloading places you are interested in:
  • Whole countries
  • Large administrative areas, e.g. provinces
  • Specific postal codes

To do this, use the + and - buttons on the map

You can select up to 10 unloading places at a time.

  1. You can also add and modify unloading places manually. Use the "ADD LOCALIZATION" button and enter the places you are interested in.

Your offer will be visible to every user of the Vehicle exchange who selects at least one unloading place from your list in the search filters.

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