Adding a fleet with TransTask application

Updated 5 months ago by Małgorzata

With the TransTask mobile application, you can add a vehicle to your fleet by scanning the QR code on the vehicle registration certificate:

  1. Log in to TransTask with your driver credentials.
TransTask application can be downloaded from the GooglePlay Store.
  1. Select the Scanner function from the application side menu.
To use the Scanner function in TransTask settings, allow AZTEC Code Scanner
For the Scanner function to work properly, you must allow the application to use your smartphone's camera.
  1. Scan the QR code on the paper version of the vehicle registration certificate.
It is also possible to scan an electronic version of the registration certificate (function available in Poland via mObywatel application). To do this, use the submit function. A scannable QR code will be displayed.
  1. Add a vehicle to your fleet. 

On the Platform it is necessary to confirm that the vehicle is used in the fleet. 

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