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The possibility of assessing the contractor after the service is performed is a tool that contributes to increasing the security of transactions concluded on the Freight and Vehicles Exchange. Thanks to it, we can warn other potential contractors against a dishonest carrier or forwarder, or on the contrary, we can recommend them a good payer and a reliable business partner. On the new Platform, the rating system underwent a facelift, and all this in order to best reflect the real quality of cooperation with the contractor and support in making the right decisions.

A new approach to assessment: 2 main reasons for change and solutions:

  1. Customers using the installation versions reported to us that the assessment was done in an unethical way - payment for the service was conditioned by issuing a positive comment or removing negative feedback. Therefore, from now on, we separate the assessment of cooperation during the transaction from the issues related to payments (details below).
  2. Until now, overall cooperation was evaluated, and all opinions, even many years ago, were included in the average rating. Our industry is extremely dynamic, which is why access to current and precise information about the quality of contractors in various aspects is so important. Hence the idea to use precise tags to evaluate each transaction and each accepted freight, and only include the ratings from the last 12 months to the average rating (from last 11 months + current month). Which motivates to maintain high quality every day.

Everything is done so that the assessment system best reflects the real quality of cooperation with the contractor and supports in making the right decisions.

New in the rating system on the Trans.eu Platform - details:

Each transaction concluded on the Platform and every accepted freight is subject to evaluation - thanks to this, information on the quality of cooperation between companies will always be current and reliable.
Rating can be issued after the date of unloading of the order has expired.
The time to issue a review is 30 days from the date of unloading.
Star rating system on a five-point scale, where 1 means unsatisfactory, and 5 very good.
If you evaluate your contractor and do not issue the highest score, you can use the tags and indicate one of the areas where something went wrong: documents delivery, communication, caring for goods, service as agreed, transport on-time performance.

How to write a rating?

From the menu on the left select the "Ratings" module, go to the "Pending ratings" tab from the list, select the contractor you want to rate.

  • When assessing, you can see the time remaining to issue a rating for a given transaction.

  • Review the order by indicating the number of stars
  • You can add a comment when rating
  • Using the green button Save rating
After adding a rating, it will not be possible to change it.

  • After saving the rating will appear in the window
  • The message "Rating issued" will appear in the bottom left corner with the back option, which is active for 8 seconds.

  • The assessed transaction goes to the Archive tab.

  • In the Archive tab there are also transactions with the status "No Rating" if a given transaction has not been evaluated and the time for adding a rating has passed.

The possibility of issuing a rating directly from the Orders module

  • Select the Orders module from the menu on the left
  • In the active tab, find the orders you want to evaluate
  • An order will appear in a new window with the option to issue a grade, along with the time remaining to issue a grade

When the overall rating will be visible

The overall rating will be presented when the company receives a minimum of 10 ratings from 10 different companies during the last 12 months.

When the overall rating will not be visible

If the company has not received 10 ratings from 10 different companies in the last 12 months, its overall rating and trend will not be presented. Individual ratings and payment statistics will still be visible.

Questions and Answers

Who can leave a rating?

The assessment can be given by any employee of the company that concluded the transaction.

How many times can I leave a rating?

The execution of each order is assessed, so each concluded transaction gives the opportunity to issue a separate assessment, with one transaction being able to be assessed once.

What if I do not agree with the assessment received?

It is possible to answer the assessment once to clarify any doubts or to shed another light on the problem described by the other party.

What period do the visible ratings relate to?

Statistics (average rating and satisfaction rates of contractors from individual aspects of order execution) are calculated on the basis of ratings from the last 12 months (from last 11 months + current month).

On the other hand, the rating list contains all the ratings received by the given contractor.

Why can't I see all my ratings?

Last year's ratings are displayed. Older grades are not included in the presentation of grade indicators. In addition, you can filter the list of ratings by the number of stars given. An active filter narrows the list of displayed ratings.

Where can I check my ratings?

You can view the list of your grades at any time in the Ratings module, in the My Ratings tab.

Where can I check the ratings of another company?

You can check the ratings of another company by viewing its profile in the Accounts module. In addition, information about assessments is displayed in many places in the system where a decision to cooperate with a given contractor can be made.

How can I ask the contractor to provide a rating?

The contractor is informed by system notifications about the pending ratings. There is currently no dedicated functionality for sending rating requests.

Will the system be able to issue references?

Yes, but it will be separate functionality from the assessments. More about references will be available in the dedicated section.

Will it be possible to filter ratings?

Yes, by viewing the ratings, you can filter them by the number of stars given. Additionally, in the Ratings module there is an option of advanced filtering of the remaining and issued grades.

What does total rating mean?

The total rating is the average of all ratings given on a scale of 1-5 stars from the last 12 months (from last 11 months + current month).

How is the average grade calculated?

Total grades for the year / number of grades for the last 12 months (from last 11 months + current month).

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