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Who can use this function?

Function available to users of the carrier's (TFC - Trans for Carriers) and forwarder's (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) product lines.

From this article you will learn how to:

  • select a freight marked with the QuickPay sign
  • apply for QuickPay financing
  • receive payment for a completed order in just 30 minutes

Please note:
As a contractor, you can use the service if your company is registered in Poland.

  1. Go to the Search loads tab.

  1. Open the freight offer marked with the service logo. In the QuickPay tab, you will find basic information on how the service currently works.

  1. Click Accept to submit an offer to provide this service. You will receive a notification that the offer has been sent to the shipper. 
The shipper is not informed that you want to use QuickPay.

If you want to know what the process looks like on the orderer's end, click here.

  1. If your offer is accepted by the shipper and the transaction is approved, go to the QuickPay module and check the status of the settlement you are interested in:
  • "Submit application" - under this status you will see the number of days left to submit your request. You have 45 days from the moment of the transaction to submit the application
  • "Expired" - this is the status you will see after 45 days from the transaction date, submission of the application will no longer be possible.

  1. Once you check the information about the service - submit the application. The function is available from the list or from the drawer of a given settlement.

  1. Complete the invoice details in the application.

While completing the application, it is necessary to fill in all the mandatory fields.

  1. Include the required attachments:
  • scan of the invoice with a description that will let the user identify the document,
  • transport order with a description,
  • waybill.

Collective invoices are not supported, so the attached invoice should cover only the order for which the transaction was concluded and for which the application is submitted.

It may be necessary to verify your company's account by Transcash S.A.
  1. Your bank account number section
  • For existing customers, the account number will be retrieved automatically
  • For new customers, the number will be taken from the white list of taxpayers. If there is more than one number, the system will ask you to select the target account number. 
  • If the account is not found on the white list of taxpayers, the system will ask you to provide the number using the Bluemedia service.

If your bank account is not authorized, it is required to contact Transcash S.A.
  1. After completing the application and attaching the required documents, accept the terms and conditions for providing electronic services and click Submit application. It will be reviewed by our financial partner - Transcash S.A.

  1. Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation (including confirmation via e-mail) with the essential details provided in the request.

  1. On the list of applications with settlements, the order has the Verification by the factor status - this means that Transcash S.A. has started processing the application.

Each change of the status is visible on the list of settlements and confirmed by a notification. The status is changed according to the process carried out by Transcash S.A.. The settlement details include information about the current funding status.

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