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Trans eu Platform. is a comprehensive tool that you can use to carry out your work. Post offers, approve transactions and carry out orders, and after they are completed, evaluate your contractors - all in one place.

If the transaction was concluded on the Platform, an order related to the given transaction will be automatically generated in the "Orders" module.

How to handle orders on the Trans.eu Platform

Step 1

  • From the menu on the left select the "Orders" module - then select the Active tab.
  • Select the "Complete order" status transaction from the list - using the green "Add request conditions" button

Step 2

  • Complete the terms of the order then using the green "Send for acceptance" button

Step 3

  • The "Awaiting confirmation" status means that the terms of the order have been sent to the Contractor, who may reject or accept them.

Step 4

  • The "Awaiting vehicle data" status means that the traffic belongs to your Contractor, who should complete the driver and vehicle data.

Step 5

  • Changing the status to "Ready" means that your Contractor has confirmed the terms of the order.

Step 6

  • The "In progress" status informs you about the start of the order.

Step 7

  • The "Confirm delivery" status means that the time for completing the task has expired (the unloading date and time has passed) - this is your move using the green Confirm delivery button.

Step 8

  • If you confirm the execution of the order, the status will change to "Completed", the same status will be seen by your Contractor.

Each concluded transaction on the Platform and each accepted freight gives the opportunity to issue an assessment to the contractor after completing the order - more information on how the Evaluation System works on the new Platform can be found here.

Intelligent table in the Order Module

You can manage the table in the order module.

  • using the three dots option enable the option and adapt the tables to your preferences
  • we've added the option to include a table for the "Vehicle and driver" option

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