Filtering freight offers in Loads2Go!

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After logging in to the application, you can set the search for offers by. criteria that interest you or use those defined on the Platform. You can set filters separately for private and loads exchange.

Search filters in loads exchange

  • Using filters defined on the Platform:

You can use the same filters that you use on the Platform.

  1. Select the Exchange tab and click the filters button
  2. Confirm your decision
  3. Select the filter you want to use to search for a load

Filtering loads exchange

  1. Click the Filters button
  2. Add search filter on exchange
  3. Fill in the criteria you are interested in, confirm your choice by clicking on Search
  4. To save the filter, click on the Save filter field
As in the browser version of the platform you have additional, more detailed filtering options. To use them click Show more filters.

Filter management - edit, duplicate, delete

You can manage the saved filter. For this purpose:

  1. Click the Filters button
  2. Click the three dots next to the filter you want to manage

Here you can edit, duplicate, or delete a filter

Sorting of exchange offers

In the upper right corner, by clicking on the three horizontal bars icon you have the possibility to sort the filtered offers by specific parameters.

Remember! you can sort the offers in the Private and Exchange tabs

Search filters on private offers

  1. Click on Filters
  2. Fill in the criteria you are interested in, and then confirm your choice by clicking on Show results

Remember! If you want to see all offers, do not select detailed criteria, but click Show results immediately. You can also restart the ones you selected earlier.

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