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The messenger is a tool for contact with contractors. It allows for the exchange of necessary information and arrangements regarding the transaction. On the new Platform, it has been expanded with several useful functions that will further improve work.

Enabling the messenger on the new Platform

  1. The first way
  • in the upper right corner, click on Messenger marked with a bubble icon
  • select the option "Turn on the messenger"

  1. Second way
  • in the upper right corner, click on the User Panel icon (the icon may contain your photo, if it has been added, or your initials by default)
  • select "Turn on the messenger" from the list

Using the messenger

The messenger is divided into 3 tabs:

  • first tab - recent conversations that are immediately at hand
  • second tab - contexts, i.e. grouping conversations according to topics (freight, orders, other)
  • the third tab - contacts

Conducting a conversation in a separate messenger window

We have added the ability to "disconnect" the messenger window, which is available after clicking on the arrow. With this option, you can move the chat window freely on your computer.

Translation of the message

To facilitate communication with a contractor who has a language version of the Platform different from you, you can translate the sent and received messages.

  • translation of the sent message.

Enter your message> click the marked symbol > the text will be translated automatically.

  • translation of the message received

Click on the marked symbol in the conversation window > the text will be automatically translated

Contact information in the messenger

In the upper part of the messenger, you can view information about the caller, i.e. the phone number and company name.

Additionally, the following is available under the three dots icon:

  • turn on/ turn off message sound
  • add to contacts
  • delete from contact list
  • show only messages in context
  • show whole conversation history
  • send file
  • conversations archive

All communication history in one window

  • all conversations with the contractor can be found in one window
  • calls concerning offers were separated from each other by a frame with the offer description
  • the active conversation context is highlighted in a different color
  • all contexts are arranged chronologically

Under the three dots icon it is possible to set the view:

  • Show only messages in context - e.g. displaying a conversation about a given order
  • Show whole conversation history - here is the view of all conversations with the interlocutor.

Improvements in the messenger

After clicking on the messenger icon, the messenger side panel will open in the contacts tab. (previously a balloon with the latest messages and redirection to the messenger panel appeared).

  • The sidebar of the messenger does not cover the content that is on the platform. The size of the content adapts to the working area of ​​the browser window.
  • We recommend working with the messenger on the collapsed left navigation. Each time you start the messenger, it automatically collapses the left navigation panel.

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