Communicator changes

Updated 1 month ago by Szczepan

At the next release of the messenger, the tool has the following improvements:

Changing the appearance of the messenger

In the communicator:

  • has been refreshed, chat window view
  • we've added more space in the conversationwindow for conversation
  • we've increased the width of the scroll bar (slider) for better handling
  • we've added the send button

The messenger worked correctly at a minimum screen resolution of 1366x768

Notification of new messages

We have implemented a new way to notify the user of an unread message:

  • each new message is highlighted in the color in the contacts list
  • the open messenger window flashes to indicate that a new message has arrived.
  • the minimized conversation window flashes to inform you of a new message
  • the chat window flashes until you click / read the message or mark it read

Contact business card view

After hovering over the contact's name in the messenger window, a preview of the business card for the given contact appears. The business card is also available for the chat window by hovering over the contact's name. Basic contact details are available in the business card:

  • Contact Name
  • Position
  • Registration date on the Trans platform
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Status
  • Company name - after clicking it, we go to the contractors module.
  • Location (Country, City)
  • Company evaluation
  • Company data on the debt exchange

The business card has a copy to clipboard button and you can use it to automatically copy:

  • Company name
  • location
  • Contractor's name and surname
  • Trans id
  • Phone number

You can paste the copied data, e.g. in the communicator, and send it to the contractor.

The business card appears only in the communicator window option.

Offer counter on the contact list

Next to the contact's name, a list is available on the list indicating how much the company currently has loads and / or vehicles on the exchange after clicking on the icon (vehicle load), a filter opens on the load exchange (vehicles / loads)

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