Mapping the route and filtering offers on the map

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The Maps module will allow you not only to calculate the route, but also to calculate the distance taking into account the vehicle you are driving. At this point, you can filter offers right next to the route and within the target locations - this is the perfect solution if you are currently looking for a top-up while on the road.

Mapping the route

To create a route:

  • from the "More" item, go to the "Maps" module (from the menu at the top or on the left side of the screen)
  • in the upper right corner, enter the starting point.

  • select the end point of the route in the next window
Warning! In this case, there were two route suggestions on the map - main and alternative route . Click the one you choose to proceed.

The route may include more points to add another:

  • click "Add a route point"
  • indicate the location

Summarize the route by selecting the vehicle that is to travel it.

  • select Truck or Van

Filtering offers based on a designated route

To go to the filtering of exchange offers, in the first step, define the area in which you want to search for loads:

  1. By location
  • clicking the cargo icon and then selecting "Search in points"
  1. On the route
  • clicking the cargo icon and then selecting "Search on route"
Remember! If you want to display the map for illustrative purposes, while designating the route, you can opt out of displaying load offers on the map by clicking "Do not show loads offers"

Filtering offers by very detailed parameters takes place from the level of the Load Exchange. In the Maps module, we limited this activity to the basic filtering parameters. such as:

  • radius (up to 50km)
  • body type
  • type of building
  • weight

After determining the appropriate parameters, we will display the number of exchange offers in the selected area on the map.

  • to view a list of offers from a given area, click on a specific number on the map
  • a list of offers will appear on the left side, which you can move using the blue bar along the list

Do you want to know the details of the offer and contact the offerer?

  • click on the relationship that interests you on the list of offers
  • on the left side you will see a drawer with the details of the offer and the possibility to send a price offer and contact the offerer via our messenger

Do you work with zip codes? Display them on the map!

  • in the upper right corner at any time check the "Postal codes" option

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