Warnings before entering into cooperation

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To ensure your safety, we generate warning messages that will be helpful while deciding about cooperate with a given company.

When sending a price proposal for freight execution - either from the exchange drawer or the Received tab in the FREIGHTS module - you may come across the following messages:

  1. If the company you plan to work with has had payment problems in the past 30 days.

  1. If the company you plan to work with has a low TransRisk index:

  1. If the company you plan to work with is listed on the TransCash debt exchange:

Note! If you do not want to receive any of the above warning messages for a given company in the near future, please tick the "Do not show this again" checkbox visible in the bottom left-hand corner and then "Send an offer".
Remember! The above messages may be displayed to all employees of your company who attempt to do business with that contractor by submitting their price proposal. If you choose to ignore one of these messages definitively, other employees in your company will continue to receive them until they decide otherwise.

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