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Who can use this function?

Private exchange (Private Spot) is available to all CargoON users as part of the standard package.

Learn more about Private Spot on the blog.

Private freight exchange is a new spot solution in the offer of, which allows for the publication of freight offers to a closed group of selected carriers.

In this article you will learn how to:

  • add carriers to a private exchange
  • invite carriers from outside the platform to your private exchange
  • publish freights to your private exchange

Add carriers to a private exchange under the Companies tab

As in the case of groups, only carriers (TFC clients) and forwarders (TFF clients) can be added to a private exchange. For shippers, i.e. CargoON customers, this menu option will not be available.
  1. The private exchange can be found in the Contractors module. Under the Companies tab you will find a list of your existing contractors.
  1. Click on the three-dot symbol next to the chosen contractor and select Add to private exchange from the list.

Note a blue tag that has appeared next to this company in the Group/Private exchange column. This will help you identify which company was added to the private exchange.

Add carriers to a private exchange under the Private exchange tab

There is another way to add a company to a private exchange. There is a new tab added: Private exchange.

  1. Go to the Private exchange tab and click the Add carrier button.

  1. In the search box, enter the details of the company you want to add. Select the company and confirm your choice by clicking on Save.

Removing companies from a private exchange

It is also possible to remove companies from your private exchange. To do so, click on the three-dot symbol next to the chosen company and then select Remove from private exchange.

Please note that if you remove a company from your list of Contractors, this also results in the removal of that company from your groups and the private exchange. You will then no longer be able to send freights to the company in these modes.

Invite carriers from outside the Platform to a private exchange

What if on the Platform you cannot find the carrier you want to add to your private exchange? We have a solution for that. Use the option of sending an invitation to register on the Platform (learn more about it in the article: Adding company to contractors).

In the Contractors module, select the Companies tab and click the Send invitation button (in the top right-hand corner of the tab).

Then complete the invitation form and tick Add this company to the private exchange.

When the carrier makes a free registration on the Platform, he will be added to the group of your contractors and to your Private exchange.

Filtering contractors from a private exchange

With the new functionality of the private freight exchange, there will also appear an additional option for filtering contractors in the Companies tab. By clicking the FILTERS button next to the contractors search box, you will open the filter window:

With the Contractor status filter, you can choose whether to see companies that meet this condition (they are added to your private exchange) or to exclude such companies from the results.

Publication of freights to a private exchange

If you already know how to publish freight offers (How to add a freight offer?), we'll show you how to make sure that your offer is published only to carriers in your private exchange.

In the offer publication form, change the publication mode settings. Expand the Recipients field and select Private exchange from the list.

Publish your prepared freight. At this point, your offer will be shown to carriers belonging to the private exchange. These offers are marked with a dedicated tag that makes it easy for carriers to quickly identify the source of the freight.

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