Manage saved addresses of fixed loading and unloading locations

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Available for products:

  • CargoOn Freight Platform

Limit: 10 saved locations per company account.

Required user role:

  • Administrator

Did you know that it is possible to save fixed loading and/or unloading locations? The following article explains how to manage such a database of saved locations, what the limits in the basic plan are and what to do when the limit is reached.

Managing locations is associated with a new form for adding freights. When completing the load information, the shipper must select one of the stored locations as a loading or unloading address.

You can choose addresses from the Last used or Saved categories. When adding a new load, you must select at least one of the saved addresses to be a loading or unloading address. If you skip this step, the following message will appear:

Saving new addresses while creating a freight

Add one of the saved addresses in the unloading or loading field according to the below instructions:

  1. In the Add freight form, click on the Search location field and select one of the saved locations in the search engine.
  2. Click on Manage to add a new location to the saved addresses or edit an existing one.
  3. In the Manage addresses window, you will see how many slots you have left in your limit (3/10 of the saved locations means that there are still 7 slots to use). Click on Add location.

  1. Enter a detailed address. If you give it an individual name, it will be easier to find it in the future.

When you go back to the Add freight form, you will find the saved location in the Search location field.

Managing saved addresses in the Settings module

From one place, you can manage your addresses: add, edit or delete them in your company account. To do this, click on your profile and select Settings from the list. Go to the Freights tab. At the bottom of the window find a green Manage locations button.

Clicking the button will open a window with all the addresses.

By clicking on the pencil symbol next to an existing address you will enter the edit window for that address. The X sign allows you to delete the address. A new one can be added by clicking the Add location button and following the steps described above.

When you reach the limit of saved addresses, the Add location button becomes inactive.

Remember that saved locations are shared with all users of your company account.
If you delete an address from the Saved addresses list, you are deleting it for the entire company account - all users from your company will lose this address.


What does the limit on saved addresses mean?
Each company that purchases the CargoOn Freights package can publish freight on the public exchange (Freight Exchange) or private exchange (Private) within one of the 10 defined loading and unloading addresses. The second address for publication may already be outside the specified limit. You can still make an unlimited number of routes starting or ending at the location defined in the dictionary. To learn more, read the current regulations of the services.
What to do if the limit is exceeded?
Your limit is 10 addresses shared by all accounts belonging to your company. If this limit is exceeded, you can delete a previously created address and add a new one. You can also edit existing addresses.
10 addresses are not enough for you?
If the limit of 10 saved addresses hinders your company's daily work - contact your Account Manager or our Helpline.

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