How to confirm the validity of the offer on the Platform

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If you want your freight to go to the top of the load list, use the "Confirm the offer is up to date" option, this way you will let others know that your offer is still valid.

How does it work on the Loads Exchange?

  • Select the Freight module from the menu
  • Go to the sent tab, select the offer from the list that has been published on the Exchange
  • In the offer details window, select "Confirm the offer is up to date"
The offer can be "updated" any number of times, every 15 minutes, without the need to add another.

  • After selecting "Confirm that offer is up to date", a message will appear with information on how the feature works.

  • After confirmation, the message "Freight has been refreshed" will appear in the lower left corner

  • If the "Confirm that offer is up to date" option is greyed out, it means it is not available. After you hover over it, information will appear for how long it will be possible to report the freight again

Confirmation of the offer validity is possible throughout the duration of the publication.

  • If the updated offer has already been negotiated, this process will be continued. The history of the negotiations is still open to both sides.
  • If the updated offer has already been viewed by the carrier, it will be shown as read.

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