How to add a freight offer?

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Who can use this function?

Function available to all the Platform and CargoON users.

Read the below article to learn how to:

  • publish a freight offer on the exchange
  • assign contact persons to an offer
  • quickly add multiple freight offers
  1. In the left-hand side menu, select the Freights module or the Exchange module > Freight exchange.
Step 1 image
  1. Click the Add freight button.
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  1. If you want to fill in the form in a separate browser window, click on the arrow symbol.
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  1. Fill in the form to publish your load. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.
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  1. Set the date and place of loading. The default date is set to the current day and the nearest full hour.
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  1. In the next fields add the date and place of unloading. In the search engine, you will also see the recently selected locations.
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  1. Click Add next location if you want to send loads to other places as well (formerly: Add multi-stop freight).
Step 7 image
  1. Provide the Vehicle requirements by completing mandatory fields such as vehicle size, body type, capacity, and type of freight.
Step 8 image

In a single freight publication form, you can select up to 5 body types.
  1. If you want to publish the freight on the exchange - select this option in the Freight publication mode section.
    Step 9 image
  2. Then specify the price, payment deadline and contact persons for the offer.
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  1. Click the Change button if you want to modify the default values.
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  • In the payment deadline, you can select one of the options: Deferred, Payment in advance or Payment on unloading. If you want to remember your payment deadline settings - tick the Save as default box.
Step 12 image
  • You can extend the Time to submit offers by setting it until 11 pm at the latest on the day of unloading.
The default time for submitting offers is set to the day of loading, up to 11 pm, and is updated as soon as a change is made to the Loading Date field.
  • If you want to change the contact person, select from the list the names of co-workers who can be contacted by contractors.
Step 13 image

From now on, you can assign more than one contact person. If you want contractors to get in touch with your co-workers only, uncheck yourself from the list.
  1. Specify additional requirements for your offer by clicking the Show other requirements button.
    Step 14 image
  2. You will see an additional part of the form - Vehicle details and Load details. Complete the data and proceed further.
Step 15 image
If you want to add another freight with similar parameters, tick the Add another freight box before publishing. Once the offer is added, the form will open automatically with the same data already entered in the form fields. In this way, you can quickly add an offer with similar parameters.
  1. Publish the completed form on the Exchange by clicking the Publish freight button.
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  1. If you would like to clear the offer parameters, you do it by clicking the Clear form button.
Step 18 image

It's done! Your freight has been published and will appear on the exchange soon.

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