Filtering load exchange - new possibilities

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New filters available after clicking on "MORE FILTERS"

1. If you use the menu on the left side:

  • select the "Exchange" module next to "Load exchange"
  • click "MORE FILTERS"

2. With the menu in the bar structure rolled up

  • select the "Exchange" module next to the list
  • select "Load exchange"
  • click "MORE FILTERS"

Tabs menagment

It is possible to name loads exchange tabs. When filtering exchange offers, the tab name will match the name of the saved filter.

Thus, to name your tab, save the filter sets under the appropriate names.
  • By setting the appropriate filtering parameters in the bottom corner, click "Save".

  • By filtering the loads exchange listing table in the drop-down list, use one of the saved filters and then click "Search".

  • A tab will appear in the exchange quotation table, whose name corresponds to the name of the saved filter.

Payment term filter

On the platform there is a possibility to filter loads exchange offers according to the payment term criterion. From the drop-down list you can choose the following options:

  • deferred
  • pre-payment
  • payment at unloading

Click the drop-down list next to the payment date, and then select the option that interests you.

Important: If a deferred payment period is chosen, a period of days, for example 30 to 45 days, should be indicated

  • Selecting the "deferred" option, enter information in what time interval by entering the appropriate numbers in the windows.

Hidden offers filter

For some time now on Platform it is possible to suspend cooperation with the Contractor. You already have the option of filtering offers from Contractors with whom your company has stopped working.

Important: Now offers published by companies with which cooperation has been suspended have been hidden. To display them in the exchange offer table, check the "Show hidden" checkbox

  • Going to the "MORE FILTERS" option, select the "Show hidden" option, and then click "Search".

  • After clicking "Search", offers from companies with which cooperation has been suspended appear in the table of loads exchange offers. The names of these companies will remain in red.

Editing a specific filtering parameter

By filtering the exchange offer table you specify the parameters that are displayed in the search results at the top of the table in the form of blue labels. Now you can edit the label by clicking on it.

  • Selected filter parameters will be displayed as blue labels. Click on the appropriate label to edit it.

  • Edit the selected parameter and then click "Search".

Remember! To remove a parameter, click on the cross next to the appropriate label

  • To delete a specific parameter, click the "cross" on the blue label.

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