Edition of the route in the preview of the offer

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On the new Platform, you can check the route of the offer and an alternative route, as well as add and remove points from the route by location and along the route.

Check the route in the details of the offer

  • Set a filter on the Freight Exchange, then select an offer from the list

  • Go to detailed information about the offer
  • Select the Route tab in which you can preview the map. You can also use the "Show full map" option
  • The full map will open in a new window

On the left side you will find:

  • data on the introduced filter (place of loading and unloading)
  • route summary with the possibility of checking and choosing the route
  • information about the offer, i.e. load, price, offer valid till, Shipper and contact person (by clicking on the data, you can start a chat)

Add a route point to check offers nearby and on your route

With this option, you can check freight offers along the route and take advantage of additional offers.

  • Select "Add a route point" and choose from the available options

Example 1

Search in points

Example 2

Search on route

In the upper right corner of the map, there are additional options:

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