Edition of the route in the preview of the offer

Updated 5 days ago by Szczepan

You can freely modify the route parameters and return to the recommended settings at any time.

Why edit route in the offer preview?

In the offer window in the preview of a large map, we have introduced the option of changing the route and calculating its costs. Thanks to this you can check the alternative route, add and remove points on the route and decide on their order, quickly and efficiently, also during rate negotiations.

Importantly, on the new version of the Loads Exchange, you will not only test various route options, but you will also easily go back to the recommended settings if you think they are the best.

How does route editing work in the offer preview from the Loads Exchange?

  • After clicking "Show large map" in the offer details window on the Loads Exchange, a new window opens with the recommended route.
  • On the left side of the screen, you can see all the information about the load - including price, contractor, contact person.
  • You can modify the route displayed on the map by adding and removing route points or changing their order using the menu on the left.
  • You can undo the changes made by clicking "Restore the recommended route parameters" - the button is in the "Offer info" section.

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