No spam when re-submitting an offer on the Freight Exchange

Updated 3 months ago by Szczepan

Why have we changed the way offers are re-submitted?

We have developed a solution that will not only "clean" the Loads Exchange from spam, but also allows to quick confirmation of the current offers with minimal effort.

You do not have to submit an offer again, just click "Confirm the offer is up to date" and the freight you submit will move to the top of the list of loads, giving interested parties a signal that your offer is still valid.

How does it work?

  • The "Confirm the offer is up to date" button is available in the window with the details of the offer.
  • The offer can be "updated" (any number of times) every 15 minutes, without adding another one.
  • Confirmation of the offer's validity is possible throughout the whole time of the publication.
  • If the updated offer has already been negotiated, this process will be continued. Negotiation history is still available for both parties.
  • If the updated offer has already been viewed by the carrier, it will be visible as read.

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