Adding freight offers

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Adding a freight offer

There are two easy ways you can use to add a freight offer.

  1. Select the Freights module from the left-hand side menu and open the Sent tab. Click the green Add freight button.

  • Complete the form and click Continue (you can also click the Save as draft button if you want to complete filling in the form later).


When publishing an offer, you can now indicate several body types - this reduces the number of duplicated offers and increases transparency of the exchange.
  • Decide where you want to send the freight, specify the price and the payment term. Click the green Publish freight button.

  • Your freight offer is now visible on the Load exchange.

  1. Select the Exchange module from the left-hand side menu and click on Load exchange. Click the Add freight button. Fill in your details in the form.

Specifying the temperature range

  • If your load is sensitive to temperature, when entering the offer parameters, you can specify the temperature range in which the load should be transported. Available for the following types of vehicles: cooler, meat-hanging cooler, isotherm, food tanker, chemical tanker, gas tanker, fuel tanker, other tanker, 20' tanker.
  • After completing the necessary information, click Continue and proceed with the publication of your freight offer.

Confirmation of freight offer validity

  • To confirm the offer validity, go to the following: Freights module > Sent tab > Select the offer that was published to the Load exchange > Confirm the offer is up to date

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The offer can be "updated" as many times as you like, every 15 minutes, without the need to add another offer.

  • When you click the Confirm the offer is up to date option, a prompt with information on how the function works will appear.

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  • Once confirmed, the Freight has been refreshed message will appear in the bottom left-hand corner. Your offer will appear at the top of the table.

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  • If the Confirm offer validity option is greyed out, it means it is not available. Hover the mouse over it to see when it will be possible to re-publish the freight.

Confirmation of the offer's validity is possible for the entire duration of the publication.

  • If the updated offer has already been negotiated, the process will be continued. The negotiation history is still available to both parties.
  • If the updated offer has already been viewed by the carrier, it will be displayed as read.

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