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Moving freight to the Archive allows you to maintain order on the main freight list. The list immediately becomes clearer and easier to browse. Unnecessary offers will be transferred to the Archive - no worries, they will still be at hand.

Archive tab on the Platform

Archive - in few words

Freight marked as archival will be moved to the Archive- this list can still be browsed and will be available to all users who have access to the Freight module.

All freight will go to the Archive tab if:

  1. the date of the last unloading place has expired - the freight will be automatically archived
  2. publication has been completed - manual archiving will be available

The list in the Archive can be browsed and sorted freely .

It is also possible to republish the archived offer - just use the 'Copy freight' option. Archived freight if required. A copy of the freight will appear in the active list.

Archive tab with filters on Platform

How it's working?

The rules for archiving offers vary depending on the archiving method:

  1. In the case of manual archiving :
  • 'Archive' option is available in the window with freight details under 'More' button
  • offers with a completed publication (with the status "Search again" or "Select carrier") as soon as the 'Archive' option is clicked will be transferred to the archive:
Archiving freight manually on the Platform
  • for freight with active offers, you must first cancel the publication (all negotiations will end, contractors will be notified of the withdrawal), then select the 'Archive' option.

Step 1 - Canceling the freight with active offers (one carrier sent price proposal):

Step 1_Canceling the freight with active offers on the Platform

Step 2 - Confirming of freight cancellation:

Step 2_Confirming freight cancelation on the Platform

Step 3 - The freight will change its status to 'Search again', carriers will receive information about the cancellation (statuses 'Completed' in the tab Carriers' offers confirm this fact). Now, you can transfer this freight to the Archive:

Step 3_Archiving the freight on the Platform
  1. Automatic archiving will work :
  • if the freight is accepted , it will be automatically transferred to the Archive after the date of the last unloading place . Further service process will be continued (issuing the order, monitoring pinning, etc.),
  • if the freight has been published (offers have appeared, but none have been selected), then after publication and after the date of the last place of unloading the freight will be automatically transferred to the Archive and all offers will be rejected.
Archived freight with Accepted status in the Archived tab on the Platform

Please note: automatic archiving has been currently turned off. All freights can be archived manually.

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