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The new Trans.eu Platform was designed in such a way that each of the parties involved in transport could use the tool efficiently. Hence the division of Freight into two modules that enable quick identification of the order and facilitate the publication of loads on the Exchange.

What is the Freight Received module?

In the Freights module you will find various load offers.You can decide whether you want to accept the offer immediately or negotiate the rate.

What offers can you find on the freight list:

  • In the Buy now mode, you can immediately accept the offer by clicking the Accept button. If you are unable to complete the task, click Not this time button.

  • The SmartMatch proposal means that the offer has been tailored by an algorithm that has analyzed your company and fleet data.

You can negotiate, accept or reject such an offer (checking the "I'm not interested" option) indicate the reasons. As a result, subsequent proposals will be better tailored to your business.

How to negotiate offers on the Trans.eu Platform?

Start by reading the information about the offer - you will find all the data in one place.

  • If you decide to negotiate - enter your rate in the "Rate" field and select "Negotiate" to send your proposal to the contractor.
  • If the rate field is empty - enter your suggestion and send to the contractor.

The "Waiting for acceptance" status means that your offer has been sent to the contractor. You also have access to the full negotiation history. If necessary, specify the details using the messenger.

  • Tripartite negotiations: with the shipper and the carrier. After analyzing the details of the offer from the shipper, publish the freight.

Choose who you want to send the freight to, you have several options:

  • Fixed routes - if the freight matches one of them, you can publish it according to its conditions
  • Your Carriers - this option allows you to choose the groups to which the freight will go. You create groups in the module contractors.
  • SmartMatch - is an algorithm thanks to which the freight will be sent to companies best suited to the load
  • Exchange - the freight will be published on the freight exchange

In the same window you will conduct negotiations with the shipper and carriers.

You will find all offers submitted by contractors in one place. Choose a carrier for the transport and accept the freight.

Other carriers immediately receive information about the end of the offer. The final step is your decision.

When the parties accept the conditions, the freight changes its status to accepted.

The next step is handling the Order.

Freight filtering

You have the option of filtering freight. To do this, select the Freight received module, go to the active tab, select the filter options and fill in the criteria you are interested in, then confirm with the show results button.

The freight filtering option is also available in the archive tab.

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