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On the new Trans.eu logistics platform, you can search for loads in a way known to you from the older version of the tool, i.e. on the Freight Exchange. But it doesn't stop there. In the Freight module you will find cargo proposals, which also differ in the way they negotiate and conclude transactions. Get to know them all and make the most of the Platform.

What offers can you find on the freights list?

In the Freights module you will find various load offers.You can decide whether you want to accept the offer immediately or negotiate the rate.

  • In the Buy now mode, you can immediately accept the offer by clicking the Accept button. If you are unable to complete the task, click Not this time button.

  • In price-proposed offers, you can start negotiations by entering your price proposal in the negotiation window. You can also accept such offers immediately or choose not to accept them by clicking Not this time button.

  • If you decide to negotiate - enter your rate in the "Rate" field and select the "Negotiate" button to send your proposal to the contractor.

  • Th SmartMatch proposal means that the offer has been matched by an algorithm that has analyzed your company and fleet data.

You can negotiate, accept or reject such an offer (checking the "Not interested" option) indicate the reasons. As a result, subsequent proposals will be better tailored to your business.

  • Offers without a given price - it is a sign that the contractor is waiting for your offer.

How to negotiate offers?

  • Learn more about the details of the offer - all the information can be found in one place, in the next tabs.

Enter your freight rate and send to the contractor,

The status Waiting for acceptance means that the contractor has received your offer. Wait for his reply.

If he decides to negotiate, you'll see his suggestion in the freight windows. If necessary, analyze the negotiation history and specify the details of the arrangements using the messenger.

If the client's proposal suits you, accept the freight.

The status Waiting for acceptance means that the contractor has received your response.

Changing the status to accepted means that the contractor has finally approved the transaction.

Now he can issue a transport order directly from the Platform.

Freight filtering

You have the option of filtering freight. To do this, select the Freight module, go to the received tab, select the filter options and fill in the criteria you are interested in, then confirm with the show results button.

The freight filtering option is also available in the archive tab.

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