Operations with received freights

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Types of offers listed in the Received tab

The Freights module is shared among all employees in your company. All offers are listed in the Received tab:

  • exchange offers, negotiated on behalf of your company
  • private offers, sent directly to the company represented by you
  • SmartMatch offers

Filtering, sorting and handling received offers

You can use the search engine and advanced filters in the Received tab, which will allow you to find a specific offer very quickly.

It is possible to sort the columns once you hover the mouse over them and see a hand icon appear there.

In the list of received freights, next to the individual offers (with their respective statuses) you can perform operations such as: rejection or archiving of the offers.

You have the possibility of assigning a responsible person to private freights and SmartMatch. To do this, click ASSIGN in the Employee column and select the person(s) from the list. At this point, you can also change the person responsible for the freight by clicking on the "pencil" icon, which appears when you hover the mouse over the employee's name.

Offer and shipper information

In the list of the Received tab, if you click on any item, a window will appear on the right-hand side where you can find detailed information about a specific offer and shipper in the individual tabs.

Placing a price offer

  • In the case of exchange offers, they can be sent from both the freight exchange and the conversation window.
  • For received private or SmartMatch offers, negotiations can only be conducted in the Received Freights module, by either placing an offer or accepting a price proposal already sent as Buy Now.

To send a price proposal for one of the offers listed above, click on the respective item in the list. A window will appear with the details of the offer. Enter an amount in the Rate field and click Send offer.

If you are not interested in the offer, click Not this time and the offer will be moved to the Archive tab with the Completed status.

A unique type of a private offer addressed by a shipper to a forwarder (supported only in the TFF product line) allows, within the Received tab in the details of a given offer, for publication of this specific offer in order to obtain proposals from carriers who would eventually provide the transport service.

Within the Received tab, in the details of the offer in the Carriers' offers tab, you can both track incoming proposals from carriers and conduct negotiations in order to finally submit your price proposal to the shipper, based on the provided rates.

The freight published based on the private offer is also moved to the Sent tab, where you will conclude the transaction with the carrier if your offer is accepted by the shipper.

Regardless of the type of the offer, when you send a price proposal, you will automatically be assigned to a given freight in the Received freights list, in the employee column.

Negotiating offers received within Freights

By going to the details of the offer in the Received tab, you can:

  1. Negotiate rates with the shipper. To do this, change the amount proposed by the shipper in the rate field and click on Send.
The submitted proposal for an exchange offer is valid for 15 minutes (the blue line measures the time), for a private offer - until the end of the loading day.
  1. Accept the shipper's offer by clicking on Accept.
If your offer is chosen before you decide to archive it, it will remain in Freights, in the Received tab, with the Accepted status.
  1. Reject the shipper's offer by clicking on Reject.
For private offers: rejecting a price proposal automatically moves the freight to the Archive tab.

For exchange offers: rejecting applies to a specific price proposal, so the offer remains on the list and each party can still submit their price proposal.
  1. End negotiations definitively by clicking on Finish negotiations.
By clicking on Finish negotiations, both you and the shipper will no longer be able to send further price proposals for the freight in question, whereas the offer will be moved to the Archive tab.

Monitoring the progress of negotiations

From the list within the Received freights tab, you can track the status of individual offers.

Whereas in the details of a given offer you can view the history of conducted negotiations.

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