Assign the freight to yourself or another employee

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How do freight mapping and person filtering work?

When adding freight on the new Platform, the publishing user automatically becomes the responsible person.

First of all, thanks to it, you can filter the list of freight by people who are assigned to them. List is transparent and gives better insight into what is currently happening in the company.

  • Carriers writing on the communicator will contact directly the persons assigned to a particular freight.
  • The assigned person also receives notifications on the Platform and the messenger of changes in freight, such as offers made by carriers, acceptance or rejection by the shipper, etc.

How can I assign freight to myself?

If you find freight on the list that has not been automatically assigned to the people who posted them, you can assign them to yourself by clicking the "Assign to me" button.

How do you find all of my freights?

Thanks to the option of assigning to persons, it is also possible to filter the list of freight according to responsibility. Thanks to this, you will easily and quickly locate all your freight.

  • Use the search engine:
  1. enter your (or other person's) name, surname (or both)
  • from the Filters button:
  1. click on the Person responsible field
  1. select the appropriate person from the drop-down list, and than click Show results
  1. results will appear automatically after a few seconds.


Assigning freight to yourself or another company member:

  • improving work inside the company, especially with a large number of employees using Trans;
  • improving cooperation with carriers, thanks to the fact that the party interested in freight will always contact the appropriate person responsible for it;
  • enables filtering of the freight list by the responsible person;
  • gives better insight into what is currently happening in the company; the list of freight clearly shows the responsibilities of individual employees.

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