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How does Carrier monitoring work?

Using the Platform, the shipper can ask you to provide load monitoring to track the transport route and its statuses on an ongoing basis. In such a case, you will receive a monitoring task. To take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Monitoring module follow these steps:  

  1. refill information about your fleet (in the Fleet module),
  2. create drivers accounts (on the top bar in the My Account tab),
  3. install the TransTask application on the drivers' phones.

Accepting the monitoring task step by step:

  1. go to the Monitoring module,
  2. select the New tab,
  3. get familiar with the details of the task,
  4. accept or reject it.

If you reject the monitoring task, please share the reason with the client. The task will go to the Archive tab and your contractor will receive a response.

If you do not have any doubts, accept the task, complete the data and confirm the acceptance. When you check the mobile telematics option, select a provider from the list, log in and select the vehicle. If your telematics provider is not on the list, please contact our Customer Service.

Monitoring principles

The telematics signal from devices associated with the task will be available to the client 30 minutes before its implementation. From now on, the contractor will receive information on the status of the transport and the position of the vehicle on an ongoing basis. A detailed list of events can be found in the Monitoring module.

If something unexpected happens on the route, your driver can send information to you using the Trans Task application. You will receive an alert containing a description of the event and information about the delay anticipated by the driver, which you can terminate in the system. Using the application, the driver will also confirm unloading entry and completing carriage. Then the status of monitoring will change to Finished.

Sharing location data in a task is interrupted (stopped) when the vehicle enters the unloading zone as well as:

  1. after leaving the last operation zone;
  2. 30 minutes after entering the last zone of operations, if the vehicle has not left it;
  3. 24 hours after the last planned step, if the vehicle did not appear in the last zone of transit.

Then the monitoring task changes the status to Finished.

Thanks to the ability to monitor the load, your contractor has quick access to current information about what is happening with the cargo.

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