Changes in the fixed routes with carriers module

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Who can use this function?

  • The function is available to CargoON  users who have access to the Fixed routes with carriers module.

In this article, you will learn:

  • what are the most important changes in the functioning of the Fixed routes module,
  • what is the new type of settlement: Variable price,
  • how to publish freight for variable price contracts
  • how to publish freight for contracts with a price and contracts with a variable price at the same time (mixed publication),
  • how to publish freight to the Fixed route to multiple companies.

Fixed route is a module on the Platform where shippers and carriers can manage permanent cooperation and contracts with trusted contractors.

Adding a fixed route with a variable price

When negotiating a contract with a carrier, you can choose from the following settlement methods: per haulage, based on a pallet price list, and variable price. 

A variable price means that you arrange a flexible settlement method with the carrier for the published freight. In the fixed route contract, you only set the currency. This solution allows you to negotiate rates based on market prices.

  1. Go to the Fixed routes with carriers module and click on Add route.

  1. In the fixed route form provide:
  • name of the fixed route,
  • place of loading and unloading,
  • vehicle requirements,
  • vehicle details,
  • details of the cargo.

After completing the data, you can save a fixed route or immediately add conditions with the carrier.

In this example, we will add conditions. Click Add conditions with the carrier.

  1. In the Add carrier to route form, specify the following conditions::
  • Select a carrier from your list of contractors,
  • Enter the reference number,
  • Select a rate/price - in this case Variable price
  • Set a payment due date,
  • Specify the duration of the terms of cooperation,
  • Select the type of planned shipments.

When selecting a carrier, you can choose one or more contact persons. Only these people will receive notifications about the new fixed route and freight offers from the fixed route and thus will be able to participate in negotiations. Other employees not indicated by you will not receive these notifications.

If you do not indicate any person, all users from the given shipping company will receive notifications. The contact person from the carrier's side will be the employee who accepts the freight offer.

If you want to add another carrier to the fixed route, select the Add another carrier to the route checkbox.

Click Save and close or Send to carrier.

You will receive a notification when the carrier accepts the fixed route.

Publish freight to the fixed route with variable price contract

  1. Go to the Fixed routes module and select the one to which you want to publish a freight offer.

  1. Click More and select Create freight.
  1. The freight creating form has opened. Its right side is filled in automatically according to the data provided when adding the fixed route. On the left, you can complete the form with additional information. You can enter a price or post an offer without a price.

To see the list of carriers to whom the freight offer will be sent, click on Show active companies.

In the Carrier list window, you can disable the company or change the order.

If you disable the activity of one of the companies at this stage, you will exclude it only from a specific freight offer and not from the entire fixed route. Subsequent publications will be directed again to the full group of recipients.

If you select the Buy now option, the offer will not require your approval. The first carrier to accept the offer will carry out the order

After entering all the details, click Publish freight.

  1. The freight offer can be found in the Freights module in the Added tab.
  1. If carriers make offers, you will receive notifications. You will find offers in the freight drawer in the Negotiations tab.

In the Negotiations tab, you can see your negotiations (My negotiations), as well as the negotiations of other employees, if they were also indicated as contact persons when completing the freight creating form (Other negotiations).
This makes negotiations transparent for all company employees.

You can also conduct negotiations through messenger.
  1. Choose the carrier with the rate that suits you best or negotiate with them.

If the carrier submits their rate, you can also negotiate it by entering your rate and clicking Send.

You can also reject the offer. To be able to negotiate further with this carrier, wait until the carrier withdraws the offer or submits a new one.

When you select Finish the negotiations, they will be completed for all employees.

After accepting the offer, it will be moved to the Accepted tab in the Freights module.

If none of the carriers respond to your offer, it will be moved to Archived.

Publication of freight to a fixed route under a mixed contract

This is when you have both a price contract and a variable price contract assigned to the fixed route.

  1. Go to the Fixed routes module and select a fixed route to which you have assigned a contract with a price and a contract with a variable price. Then select More and Create freight.

  1. Complete the freight form.

Within one publication in a mixed contract, you can conduct negotiations of various kinds at the same time. If you want to choose the best of the received offers with a fixed or variable price, select the option Wait for the negotiations to end.

Selecting the option Wait for the negotiations to end automatically disables the "Buy now" option. After accepting such an offer, the contractor has to wait for your approval.

  1. As part of sequential publishing, you can publish freight to subsequent recipients.
    In the freight publication form, select the option Publish according to the order from the list of carriers, specify the duration of the publication by clicking Change, and then select the option Forward to another recipient.

  1. Go to the Freights module and select your offer from the list. Click on it to see details.
  2. In the History of changes you will check the course of negotiations.

If the carrier does not respond to the offer, after the time you set, the offer will be presented to the next carrier on the list. The status of the previous carrier will change to Completed.

If the carrier rejects your offer, it will be presented to the next carrier from the list, and the status of this carrier will change to Rejected.
  1. If no one makes an offer or you choose none of the offers, you have to look for a contractor again.

Key changes - summary

  • the possibility of negotiating a single freight under the contract.
  • the possibility of negotiations between specific employees of the company instead of company-wide negotiations,
  • negotiations are transparent for all employees of the company,
  • ending negotiations by an employee concludes negotiations for the entire company,
  • new offer lists: Accepted and Archived,
  • introduction of the option of settlement with a variable price,
  • publication of a fixed route without price.

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