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What is the new Logistics Platform?

The new platform contains three products with tools dedicated to shippers (TfS), forwarders (TfF) and carriers (TfC). It consists of covered covers the specification of the work of the target group and automates the management of road transport. It includes a transport exchange, enabling the publication of available loads and vehicles to the community.

How to log in to the new version of the Platform?

The new Platform is available from a web browser at: To log in it is necessary to enter the current TransId number and password.

How to reset the password?

On the website below the login window for the "Forgot your password" option, please follow the instructions to set a new password.

Which browser is recommended to use the new version of the Platform?

The dedicated browser is Google Chrome. If you are using an older version of Windows, e.g. XP or Vista, Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser.

Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for Internet Explorer, therefore it is not properly secured, and it generate problems. Due to the safety and comfort of our users, we decided to disable the possibility of using this browser.

Is it possible for an unlimited number of users to use the Platform with a single price?

Each employee should have their own account.

Will the list of contacts be visible on the new Platform?

The new Platform will show a list of contacts unchanged.

Will be all the ratings and comments visible on the new Platform?

Yes, after logging in to the new Platform all ratings and comments will be visible.

What are the main benefits of using the new Platform?

The main benefits of using the new Platform.

  • faster loads exchange - offers appear immediately;
  • a new rating system that allows you to rate each concluded transaction after its completion;
  • the ability to add offers for multiple bodywork types;
  • load search in selected regions;
  • reporting a vehicle to the selected area.

What are the new features on the Platform that haven't been available in the installation version?

We have added the following functions to the new version:

  • freights,
  • Loads Exchange,
  • monitoring,
  • fixed routes with shippers,
  • invoices.

The list of new functions will systematically expand.

Do I have to sign a new contract in order to use the new Platform?

No. The User may work on the new Platform on the basis of a previously concluded contract and benefit from all functions of the exchange without restrictions. The only difference that may require acceptance of the price list will be optional services, i.e. micropayments.

How cost the access to the new Platform?

Access to the Platform is 109 euro ​​net of tax per month. at this price the user has access to the transport exchange allowing the publication of offers of freeloads/vehicles, to the community and acceptance of the transaction.

Additionally paid (in the form of micropayments) are new services that automate the management of road transport available on the Logistics Platform. The current price list is HERE.

What is micropayment?

The fee charged by the Platform Administrator for the concluded transaction. The exact price list is available at

The micropayment concerns only new off-exchange services, the entire operation on the loads exchange is carried out under the existing subscription and there are no additional fees.

Does using the new version mean the change of price?

Using the new version of the platform results from the published price list.

Additional fees may result from services that are available outside the loads exchange, i.e. micropayments. More information on fees at

Why will the installation version of the Trans system be disabled?

The existing solutions have limitations in the scope of system maintenance and development, because they are no longer technologically supported. The new web version gives a chance for speed and stability of offered solutions.

When exactly will the installation version of the Trans system be disabled?

Proper messages informing about the date of disabling the old version will appear in the system ahead of time. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the browser version available at

Can I download a different installation version?

Yes, the installation version is available at, but it will be turned off in the near future, We will inform you about that with messages in the system.

Will it be possible to use both the installation version and the new Platform at the same time?

Yes, you can use both versions at the same time, also on one device. It will be possible until the installation version is operational.the installation version is operational.

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