Storekeeper and security guard roles in the booking process

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Together with the implementation of the Dock Scheduler module on the Platform, you can create two additional roles for product users: Storekeeper and Security Guard. They are closely linked to the booking process.

How to create a security guard or storekeeper account?

To create a storekeeper or security guard account, you must have the Trans for Shippers product line with administrator rights.
  1. Select My Company from the side menu.

Then click Add employee.

  1. Fill in the employee details (First name, last name, e-mail and position).

  1. Mark User Access to the Trans for Shippers product and select the role of Security Guard or Storekeeper respectively.

  1. Optionally, you can add some additional data, e.g. Phone, Department, Responsibilities.
  2. After completing all the data, click Save.

Role description

Security Guard

Reviews the list of bookings. Confirms that the data corresponds to the booking, marks the arrival and departure from the place of operation.


Reviews loading schedules, confirms the start and completion of operations.

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