Sharing a time slot with a user from outside the Platform

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Who can use this function?

  • For Dock Scheduler users with CargoON package

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Would you like to share a time slot with a carrier that you cannot find among Platform users? It is possible from now on. We will show you below, step by step, how to create such a time slot and send it for booking to a company with which you previously cooperated outside the Platform.

Sharing a time slot with a user without an account

You may already know the first steps of creating a time slot. We have described them in the article: Dock Scheduler for Shippers.

  1. Go to the Dock Scheduler tab and click on More. Select Add time slot from the list.
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  1. Fill in the form to add a time slot. Click on the User without an account option, above the carrier selection box.
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  1. Some additional fields will appear in the form. You will need to enter the necessary information, i.e. Company name and E-mail. These details will only be used to notify you that you can make a booking. Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address.
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    An invitation to make a booking will be sent to the address provided by you right after saving the changes by clicking the Save button.
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Booking by a user without an account

Here are the instructions for your contractor to follow in order to make a booking. If the user experiences any difficulties, you can send them the link to this page.

Once you have created a time slot and made it available to a user outside the Platform - they will receive an e-mail from us (at the address provided by them) with the subject: Time slot created.

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In order to go to the booking page and view their time slot, he/she must click the Book button.

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On the booking page, the Carrier can choose one of the available booking times. He can also add the vehicle (mandatory) and driver (optional) details. In order to make a booking, one will also need to accept the Regulations of the Dock Scheduler.

If your contractor has not received the e-mail, ask them to check the SPAM folder in their mailbox.

When your booking is created, you will receive another confirmation email with all the necessary information.

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