Received bookings and time slots

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Who can use this function?

This function available to users of the product line for forwarders (TFF - Trans for Forwarders) and carriers (TFC - Trans for Carriers) with access to the Bookings module.

From this article you will learn:

  • what the Bookings module contains
  • how to make a booking in a received time slot
  • how to share a booking with the driver in the Loads4DRIVER application

The Bookings module is part of the Dock Scheduler, a system to manage time slots (bookings) and loading and unloading schedules. If you receive a time slot or a booking from the ordering party, this module will also be activated on your account.

When you receive a time slot or a booking from the shipper for the first time, you are prompted in the Bookings module to accept the Dock Scheduler terms and conditions.

The module consists of three tabs:

  • Time slots - list of time slots assigned to you by the shipper
  • My bookings - a list of bookings assigned to you or selected by you in the allocated time slot
  • Schedule - view of the daily schedule of your time slots and bookings

Booking in the assigned time slot

When you receive a new time slot, we will inform you of this:

  • via e-mail including details of the time slot,
  • through a notification on the Platform.
  1. Click on the notification to access the time slot. You can also do this in the e-mail received. You just need to click the Book link.

  1. You will be redirected to the time slot drawer. Check the details and click the Add booking button.
  1. Select time of the booking that is suitable for you and click Next.

  1. Complete the vehicle and driver details. Once finished, click on Add booking.

Booking with the Complete data status can be edited in My bookings and Schedule tabs.

Changes is bookings and time slots

When the shipper makes changes to a time slot or booking, you will receive a notification via e-mail and on the Platform.

The new booking date will automatically appear in the Schedule tab.

Similarly, if the shipper removes a booking or time slot, we will notify you with an e-mail message and a notification on the Platform:

When you click on the notification, a message will be displayed:

Search and filter in the lists of time slots and bookings

In both tabs - Time slots and My bookings - you can quickly find the required information by using the search tool and filters.

  1. The search tool works immediately, i.e. when a part of a keyword is typed, it filters out the time slots and bookings that include the phrase in one of the columns: dock, warehouse, vehicle and semi-trailer number, driver.

  1. To filter out the time slots or bookings you want, click the FILTERS button, select your filter criteria and click on Show results.

  1. The introduced filters will be visible under the search field. Click on the "x" symbol next to the filter to remove this filtering criterion.

Share a booking with the driver in the Loads4DRIVER application

Would you like to automatically share booking details with your drivers? This option is available now. It ensures that your drivers have the necessary data at their fingertips to complete bookings.

Driver details can be added in two ways:
1) when creating a booking in the Time slots tab
2) by editing the details of an existing booking under My bookings tab

Uzupełnij dane awizacji
  1. Fill in your driver's details: full name and phone number with the correct area code..
  2. Tick Sharing booking data in Loads4DRIVER application.
  3. If you want the driver to receive a text message - also tick the Send SMS option.
  4. Confirm the entered data by clicking the Add booking button (or Save changes if you have already edited an existing booking).

Your driver should receive a text message redirecting them to download the Loads4DRIVER application to their phone together with a one-time code to access the booking.

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