Dock management in the warehouse

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Who can use this function?

  • Function available to users of the CargoON product line who subscribe to the Dock Scheduler product and the Schedules module.

From this article you will learn:

  • how to add a dock to the warehouse
  • where to view and edit existing docks
  • how to switch the dock view
  • how to lock, disable or delete a dock

Creating new docks in the warehouse

A new dock can be added in the Schedules module.

  1. Click the More button and select Add dock.
  2. Fill in the required data (quantity, dock type, operation type and name).

  1. Click on ADD NEXT DOCK to create further docks with different settings.
  2. You will see the added docks as a separate column in the warehouse schedule (1). You can move the schedule view by clicking on the right-left arrows (2).
  1. Under the arrow (3), next to the dock name, you can find the settings window.

Changing dock settings

Go to the dock settings by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the chosen dock and selecting Dock settings.

In the settings window, you can edit the dock availability, time changes or regular operating time.

If you want to view all the docks available in the warehouse, click the More button and select Warehouse settings.

Open the Docks tab. You will see a list of all available docks. Click the EDIT button to make changes to the selected dock.

Dock operating time

If you want to choose different time settings for a dock - go to the Dock settings and select the Time changes or Regular operating time tab.

Under the Time changes tab, you can set different operating hours for the dock on specific dates - e.g. for holiday or festive periods.

If you want to change the regular operating hours of the dock - go to the Regular operating time tab to do so.

  1. Click the EDIT button, then select the Individual mode.
  2. Enter new hours for the dock.

  1. Save the changes.

Availability, disabling and deleting docks

Managing the availability of a dock works in the same way as for the entire warehouse. If you decide to restrict access to the dock, choose one of the following options:

Locking a dock - no further time slots can be added to the dock and no bookings can be made. Users see a message that the dock is locked.

Disabling a dock - has the same effect as locking, but additionally the dock is not visible to carriers.

Deleting a dock - results in the irretrievable loss of the dock together with the history of time slots and bookings.

You can disable or delete docks only if you do not have any currently scheduled bookings or time slots on them.
  1. Go to the Dock settings by clicking on the arrow next to the dock name.

  1. If you want to lock, disable or delete the dock - click the appropriate button and confirm your decision.
  1. You can unlock or enable the dock at any time.

If you delete a dock, you lose it irretrievably together with the information it contains (time slots, bookings).

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