Booking and time slot management

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Who can use this function?

  • Function available to CargoON users with the Dock Scheduler and with access to the Schedules module.

The Dock Scheduler module is a system to manage bookings (time slots) of your warehouse and schedule loading and unloading.

The system is based on the automation of warehouse operations and focuses on the optimisation of processes on the shipper's end.

How to add time slots for the carrier?

A time slot lets the carrier reserve the date and time of the vehicle booking.

  1. Click More and then add a time slot.

  1. Fill in the required data - specify the time range, type of operation, TransId of the carrier, an available warehouse the schedule of which you want to share, place of loading and unloading.

  1. You can add several identical time slots at the same time. Simply change the value in the Time slots number field.

Work with flexible time slots

When creating a new warehouse, it is now easier to define a default operation time. Set the unit time, which will allow you to operate it flexibly in future planning:

  • individual operation time for a new time slot
  • individual operation time for a booking.

Click More and Add warehouse. In the Slot configuration you will see the changed method of setting the operation time.

See below how the previous settings of the warehouse operation (time units and basic operation time) influence the scope of the created time slot:
- by default, operation time is set to the same value as the Basic operation time,
- if you want to edit this time and adjust it to the carrier's individual needs - the expanded options include the unit of time (slot), in this case: 15 min.

In the form for adding a new time slot, you can find the option to set a specific operation time (in brackets there is information about the default time you set when creating the warehouse).

Similarly, in the pre-booking form, you will find an editable operation time:

In both cases above, the basic unit (slot) is 15 min and the default operation time is 45 min. If you want to be able to manage other units - while creating a warehouse, set the basic unit to suit your needs.
It is important to note that thanks to the flexibility of operation times, scheduling the next loading/unloading can take place every unit time (slot). A booking can be scheduled in such a way that an interval being a multiple of the slot time can appear between operations.

Booking management

  1. Once a pre-booking is made by the carrier or shipper on a given date, it will appear in the schedule.

  1. Click on the three-dot symbol to:
    1. Confirm arrival,
    2. Refuse loading (provide reason for rejection)
    3. Change booking time,
    4. Edit data (details of the driver and vehicle, as well as the shipper's remarks - visible to the carrier, or internal comments - visible to co-workers only).
    5. Delete booking (irreversible action)

  1. Click on the chosen booking to view its details.

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