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What is the Contractors module?

In the Contractors module, you will build groups of carriers to whom you will send freights. The possibilities of creating groups are endless. You choose the criteria and carriers according to your needs and goals, e.g. companies for a specific area or type of building.

Your Contractors

To create a group, you must first add selected companies to the list of contractors. You can do this through a search engine, identifying companies by name.

Creating groups of contractors

After filling the list, you can proceed to create a group.

Name them legible. It will be important at a later when you'd like to publish freight to the selected group.

Choose and add carriers.

One carrier can belong to several groups - it all depends on your needs.

You can find your groups in the separate tab. You can edit them by modifying their lineup 

or deleting it when it's no longer needed.

For each company in the group, you can choose the contact person to whom you will send freight proposals.

How to put groups to use?

How can you optimize your work thanks to groups? You can quickly send freight only to selected contractors.

When publishing a freight, you decide who should receive the cargo proposal.

Secondly, you can include personalized groups in the automaton rules of freights publishing.

At a certain point in the sequence, the proposal will be sent to the chosen group, and you only have to wait for the counterparties' responses.

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