The messenger is a tool for contact with contractors. It allows for the exchange of necessary information and arrangements regarding the transaction. On the new Platform, it has been expanded with se…

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The method of opening chat windows in the communicator

How does the default messenger chat window open? After starting the messenger, the chat window will open in a new window. If you want to change these settings, just: Click on your avatar and choose t…

Updated 5 months ago by Szczepan

Set the status on the communicator

Holiday or changing the phone number are just examples of situations where setting the status on the messenger can be very helpful. This simple solution allows you to quickly inform the Trans community about what is important to us.

Updated 1 month ago by Ania

Information in the chat window that the caller is on the debt exchange

In the Messenger you will find information whether a given company has liabilities on the debt exchange. What does this mean for you? First of all, greater security when entering into transactions. W…

Updated 2 months ago by Krzysztof

Communicator changes

At the next release of the messenger, the tool has the following improvements:. Changing the appearance of the messenger. In the communicator: has been refreshed, chat window view. we've added more s…

Updated 1 month ago by Szczepan

Contact groups on Communicator

To streamline the process of managing your contacts list , the platform now offers the option of creating custom groups on Communicator. How to create a custom group on Communicator? You can create a…

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