How does Assistant work?

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The assistant is a notification center supporting your activities on the Platform.

How does Assistant work?

After installation in the Windows start bar, the Assistant icon is available.

When you receive a notification, a shortcut information appears and the icon changes to a flashing envelope. The application runs in the background, so you no longer need to have an open web browser all the time.

There are tabs available from the application level, thanks to which you can check:

  • recent messages from the messenger
  • Platform notifications
  • you monitoring the offer

After clicking the selected notification, you are redirected to the window in the default web browser with the appropriate platform module (messenger, loads exchange, freight, etc.). Clicking on each new notification opens a new tab in the web browser.

Clearing browser temporary files does not delete Assistant temporary files.

Clicking the "See more" button will direct you to the Platform

Pop-up menu of the Assistant application

After right-clicking on the Assistant icon, a popup menu is available that lets you:

  • open the Platform (in the default web browser)
  • check information about the program (informs about the installed version of the application)
  • change status on the communicator
  • turn off the messenger
  • disable or enable notification sounds, messages and offers
  • check or uncheck the option to launch the application on Windows startup
  • log out of the Application

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