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Notifications on the new Platform are a response to your need to be up to date with what is happening on the Loads Exchange.

How to trigger notifications?

Notifications are enabled by default on the Platform, but you must allow to display them in your browser - the first time you visit the Platform, simply click "Allow" (Chrome) or "Allow Notifications" (Firefox):

Notifications blocked? Nothing lost! Check how to change your browser settings * to allow the display of notifications:

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla

Important for Windows 10 and Chrome users:

If you have completed all of the above steps, but you still do not see the notification, you will need one more step:

  • Go here: chrome: // flags / # enable-native-notifications.
  • Click "Disabled" and then "Relaunch Now" to save the changes.

How does the new notification system work?

On the new Platform, you will receive calls to act in various situations and forms (text messages or a sound signal). Even if you are not on the Platform tab, nothing will escape your attention thanks to the notifications displayed.

Notification of a new offer on the Loads Exchange

Your message was clear: we want to receive a signal every time new loads fall on the relationship we are interested in. If something is important to you, it becomes a priority for us, so #we listen and do and then implement.

If you change the browser tab, you will be informed about a new notification in the tab with the Platform

How to use notifications on the Loads Exchange?

  • Use filters and create a tab where loads of your interest will appear.
  • If you display the Loads Exchange, you will hear a characteristic sound each time a new offer appears in the monitored tab.
  • You can turn off sound notifications for the selected bookmark.
  • If you are in another Platform module, another browser tab or you are working in another tool, you will also see a text message in the bottom right corner.
  • If a lot of new offers will appear in the tab, you will see the counter in the notification window - the number of all new offers.
  • Clicking on the message will take you to the Loads Exchange module.

Messenger notifications

Another place on the Platform where notifications appeared is the messenger. Text notifications will appear every time someone sends you a message.

How to use notifications in the messenger?

  • If you work on the Platform and someone writes, you will receive a text notification.
  • Clicking opens the chat window.
  • If you are logged in to the Platform, but you are currently working on a different browser tab, a text notification will also be displayed (similar to the one on the Loads Exchange).
  • Clicking on the notification will take you to the Platform.
  • The chat window will be displayed immediately.

Notifications panel

In the notifications panel (marked with a bell symbol) you will find notifications regarding various activities that can be performed on the Platform (a new freight has appeared, the deadline for issuing the assessment is approaching, etc.). The counter shows the number of unread messages.

How to use the notification panel?

  • Click the "bell" symbol to display the list of messages. The latest ones are shown at the top.
  • Unread are marked with a yellow dot.
  • Clicking on the message takes you to a specific place on the Platform (e.g. to the Freight module).
  • Want to see a list of all notifications? Click "See more".

How do I change global notification display settings?

By default, notifications on the Platform are enabled for key events. You can modify these settings according to your preferences.

Changing global notification settings step by step:

  • Go to Settings in the notification panel. You can modify settings for selected notification areas.
  • In the Notifications section, you will set a sound signal for all notifications and decide in what form messages will be displayed in different modules.
  • Choose whether you want to receive messages by email, in the form of short text notifications or in the notification panel.
  • In the Messenger section, you can decide for which conversation contexts notifications should be displayed.
  • In the Loads Exchange section, you can specify whether a beep and pop-up text notifications inform you about new offers.

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