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QuickPay is a service which allows a carrier to receive a fast and safe payment for a freight taken via the Trans.eu Platform. The money transfer for the transport will be possible in just 48 hours.

How to publish a freight with the QuickPay service

This service is available to orderers who successfully undergo verification. If your company has been verified positively, you will see an additional option with the QuickPay logo on the freight publication page.

The below description shows how to publish a freight and accept the documents attached by the carrier after the execution of the order to let the contractor use the QuickPay service.

  1. To allow the carrier to use QuickPay, start with adding a New freight.

  1. Provide in the mandatory details such as:
  • Loading and unloading data,
  • Vehicle type,
  • Capacity

  1. To make sure that your freight reaches the largest possible audience, use the option of publishing on the Exchange. The service is also available as part of SmartMatch and for selected groups of Contractors.

The QuickPay service is available only for freights in PLN or EUR currency. Selecting a different currency will result in failure to include a freight in the service.

Make sure the payment term is set with the Deferred option. Selecting other payment methods will exclude QuickPay financing.

To confirm that you would like to use the service, and thus mark your offers with the QuickPay logo, tick the box "Increase the chance of the carrier's response". Selecting this option means that the order will not be subject to a prohibition on assignment. To see all the service conditions, click on "expand".

Publish the freight on the exchange.

  1. Wait for the carrier's acceptance.

In the "Sent" tab of the Freights module you can check all the responses to your offer and decide which contractor will be assigned the service. To do this, select the given freight and click the carriers' offers tab.

  1. Once the freight is accepted, a new settlement for this freight is created in the "Settlements" module. You can now track the status of QuickPay financing there.
  • By the time the contractor applies for financing, the status of the settlement is "Pending application". The contractor has 45 days from the acceptance of the freight to submit a financing application.
  • After this time, the financing status of the settlement will be changed to "Overdue" and the submission of an application for such a settlement will no longer be possible.
The carrier will only be able to use QuickPay financing when a freight transaction is concluded.

  1. In the Settlements with contractors module a new settlement with the QuickPay option is available.

  1. When the contractor submits an application, an item with the option to confirm execution will appear on the list of settlements - here you can check and download the documents provided by the contractor.
    You will also receive a system and email notification.
    In a justified case, the application may be refused. As long as the period of 45 days from the acceptance of the freight has not passed, the contractor is able to resubmit the application by correcting the incorrect data.

  1. Confirm the correctness of the documents and the execution of the order.
- The invoice will contain information about the assignment, including the bank account number to which the money should be transferred. However, it is recommended to hold off on the transfer until the settlement is in the "Assignment confirmed" status. Then you will know that the factor has carried out the financing and the assignment is valid.
- If the factor cancels the application, then the settlement status changes to "Assignment cancelled" and the transfer must be made to the carrier's account number.

  1. In the drawer with the contractor's settlement you will also find a special section dedicated to the status of the assignment.

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